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Sky Energy Capital Inc. is private equity firm focused on funding and developing clean energy projects.

Currently, our primary focus is on commercial & utility scale, solar project development. However, presented with the right opportunity, Sky Energy Capital will consider investment opportunities in the broader renewable energy sector.

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Solar - A Time to Shine

A convergence of favorable  factors make the solar power development sector an especially compelling area in which to invest.

  1. Price - Solar photovoltaic (PV) panel prices have declined significantly.  Over the past two years, prices for solar modules have decreased more than 40%.  Many market analysts predict a continued trend of falling prices due to high levels of module supply capacity and intense competition among the...

Ontario’s New Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Program

At this time, the province of Ontario represents one of the the best environments for investing in the renewable energy space.  With the 2009 passage of Ontario's Green Energy Act legislation, and through 20 year, fixed-rate power purchase agreements with the  Ontario Power Authority (OPA), green power producers will benefit by receiving above market rates for their renewable power generation.  The Ontario FIT program rates  are considered some of the most generous in the world and are modeled after...

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